SMS Texting is 25 years old!

You might have for once imagine “How old is SMS?”  Well reading through this article would give you exactly what you need to know about texting.

Texting which is the composing and sending electronic messages, consisting of alphabetic and numeric characters first occurred in history 3rd December 1992, it was sent by a British engineer Neil Papworth to Richard Jarvis, an executive at British Telecom Vodafone, who was attending his company’s holiday party in Newbury, England.

How old SMS?

Typical SMS texting. Image credit: Pexels

It was typed on a computer, and was sent to Jarvis’s Orbitel 901, a mobile phone that would take up most of your laptop backpack, and read: “Merry Christmas”. But Jarvis couldn’t send a reply because there was no way to send a text from a phone in those days.

But texting didn’t take off over night. First it had to be incorporated into the then-budding GSM standard. Matti Makkonen also known as (Father of SMS) who brought about the idea of SMS back in 1984 at a Telecommunications Conference, feels the technology actually was launched in 1994 when Nokia unveiled its 2010 mobile phone, the first device that let people easily write messages.

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Although Papworth is only credited with sending the first text message in history, While Matti Makkonen was the first who suggested SMS.

According to Research,

Today,  about 97 percent of phone users use text messaging, and along the way, a new set of sub-languages based on abbreviations and keyboard-based imagery has evolved. More than 561 billion text messages were sent worldwide in June 2014, about 18.7 billion texts sent every day.

Texting has become so popular that most persons would rather type it than orally say. Smartphone users are sending and receiving five times as many texts compared with the number of phone calls each day, according to the International Smartphone Mobility Report by mobile data tracking firm Infomate.

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