5 Powerful Reasons You Should Learn Technical Skill

First of all, before jumping into reasons why you should have technical skills, let’s me give a brief definition of a technical skill.

Technical skill involves using specialized knowledge and expertise in executing work-related techniques and procedures; this includes for example – computer programming, budgeting, accounting, being a musician etc. Technical skills involve the ability to use tools, procedures and techniques in specialized field.

The world is fast changing and in this period on human history of digital age where traditional industry that the Industrial Revolution brought through industrialization has gone extinct bringing in an economy based on information computerization. technology has come to stay and there’s no going back to the old rather newer technologies and advancement are been invented, you’ve probably heard of motivational speakers or mentors tell you timelessly on the importance for you to learn technical skills but rather, what you may not know are beneficial aspect on indulging into such time taking task.



Technical skill

An illustration of the forms of technical skills

The great thing about technical skills, though, is that learning begets learning. Once you figure out how one part works, it gets easier and easier to dive into other parts and figure out how things work.

But obviously only a handful of people dives into learning tech skills quite as readily. It’s probably safe to say that a lot of people don’t.

Below are my list of reasons why you should venture into any career in IT  today, you’d probably get a rethink after reading this article.

Importance of technical skills in the workplace

1.   To future-proof your career

Virtually every career and industry today is becoming more tech-focused and tech-reliant. Industries from agriculture to education are integrating tech into their day-to-day operation,and those who have tech skills and are comfortable working with technology will have a much easier time adapting to changing expectations.

Check out how many teachers who were used to doing all of their grading and record keeping by hand had a very hard transition when everything became digital? How many farmers have seen improvements in their business because they adopted things like soil and crop sensors, bookkeeping software, or GPS and mapping technologies for keeping track of their equipment and operations?

Learning to code isn’t going to make you a master of every career-related technology out there. But what it will do is make you more confident in your tech abilities and make it easier to learn more specific technology you need to do your job.

2.   It makes you a good problem solver

Computing and coding basically is all about solving problem. You start with a user problem that needs to be solved and come up with a solution. Then you test that solution to find bugs or possible improvements, and you create a better solution. Every step of the way heads toward solving problems.

Problem-solving skills are universal and can be applied to every part of your life and work, regardless of your lifestyle or industry. From identifying an issue and breaking it down into its parts to creating, testing, and improving solutions, you’ll never regret learning how to efficiently handle problems.

3.   It Helps save your money by solving tech problems yourself

When was the last time you had to hire someone to fix your computer? Well at least i know we’re all guilty of this at most point. With technical skills, you can learn to diagnose and fix little and most problems yourself. If you get the basics, and more importantly, if you’re conversant with technology, the solution to a lot of your tech problems is just a Google search away.

4.   Technology will become much less frustrating when you understand it

How many times have you been completely frustrated because your smartphone acted up and you had no idea how to fix it? Or when you couldn’t figure out how to make your computer do something when you know it should be so simple?

Technology is way less frustrating if you understand how it works. And while coding skills won’t teach you how to build and program your own smartphone from scratch, understanding some tech basics makes virtually everything in tech make a bit more sense. Once you understand one thing, you can better understand the rest it’s as simple as that.

5.   It makes you more well-rounded

Having a well-rounded set of skills and knowledge will surely serve well both professionally and personally. Being able to list basic technical skills on your resume will make you professionally more attractive to virtually every employer out there, regardless of industry.

And as more and more people become involved in the tech industry, having at least a passing knowledge of what it’s all about can come in handy when networking personally or professionally.

If you want to build a career around technical skills, you can find out where to start with the Beginner’s Guide to Landing a Junior Developer Job. It’s packed with useful info about what skills you need and what an entry-level job as a web developer actually looks like!

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As an online entrepreneur and webmaster in Nigeria, I love technology! As a result, and to earnestly contribute to tech awareness within individuals, I find the need to give digital-based insight of the technology world today, hence, making individuals well tech rounded and get the need to acquire technical skills.

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