How to improve technical skills at work

In this article, you’re going to read about “How to improve technical skills at work“, I’m creating this article to create an awareness of how technical skills are being highly demanded by employers and how one can easily obtain work technical skills But first of all, you might want to know a brief meaning of technical skills before we jump into the main course.

Technical skills which are the knowledge and abilities needed to accomplish mathematical, engineering, scientific or computer-related duties, as well as other specific tasks relating to technology.

Like some people believe, technical skills isn’t really a must-know or requirement to becoming a competent employee, but having a good technology knowledge or being a tech savvy like engaging in tech-focused discussion with IT professionals or trying to fix a technical issues in the office, this will indeed add real big advantage in your personal life and career.

In previous post, I talked about reason why you must learn technical skills, and I highly recommend that for you to read if of course you want to know the importance of being a techie and how it could influence your personal and professional life positively.

Without wasting must time which I’m sure it’s precious to you, let’s get to business!

Work technical skills

How to improve technical skills at work

1.  Read Tutorials

Don’t waste that little time you get in your office on social media, Yeh! I know chatting is cool at some point but you have to watch out for your priority if you really need something greater and that is SACRIFICING. Research has proven that reading tutorials (online or offline) is one of the best ways to boost ones knowledge on tech. Although, getting feed online and offline also have their respective pros and cons e.g reading online is free but are not always professionally written and reading offline (from a book etc) are always professionally written with clear language but they aren’t always free. So you see, what can i say? Use any option that best rock your boat!


Additionally to online reading, learn how to use Google or other search engines to your advantage, it’s important to learn how to correctly pose a question for search and how to use search engines to find good-detailed tutorials online.

2.  Volunteer on Technical Projects

Seek out opportunities in your place of work to volunteer on technical projects; this will of course allow you to gain valuable experience from working with other technical members of the team. Volunteering gives excellent access to projects that might ordinarily not be available to you in the corporate world. Volunteers can participate in monthly meetings, meet with clients, and become valued members of the project. This will really boost your work technical skills in your workplace

3.  Hang out with Tech Experts

If you spend enough time with technical people, some of their knowledge will rub off on you. Even geeks learn from other geeks, but if you aren’t much of a geek yourself, a great way to accelerate the development of your work technical skills is to roll out tech experts within your environment and the best way to do such is by volunteering which makes one make fast friends.

Engage personally with their projects and learn how things are done, discuss with them on how implementation works, the logic of the application also becomes easy to grasp. Discuss with the tech savvies more often than not, they will be willing to explain what they are doing.


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4.  Embrace a variety of software

General software engagement improves with breadth of experience, so use many different software programs (online or offline) to improve your overall ability to get things done through software, don’t be too limited in just getting a task done on a software and all, try also to see and learn to use other advance option and using many different interfaces, think of it as technical intuition.

You’ll learn a lot about interface design from image editing programs, programming tools, and of course computer games. The greater the variety of interfaces you experience, the faster you’ll be able to learn and master each new program you use.

5.  Practicalize your skill

Practicing only ‘Read and Learn’ isn’t ideal for your tech skill, remember we called it tech skill, right? and this is not like a school where you’re only require to write down what you just read during test, this is far more than that it’s just like sending a trained soldier to his duty post or a warfront, it is his duty and purpose isn’t it? Getting to learn technical skills uses this same principle which is putting your knowledge into proper use or solving a real life problem.

By practicing this, it adds the real value it promises to you both professionally and personally.


The world is vastly and rapidly changing whereas adopting new advanced technologies in our real world, DO NOT be left in the cold! Do something today and let your skills pay your bills.

But most important thing is to be willing to learn something new everyday and be excited about technology. The benefits will naturally follow.

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As an online entrepreneur and webmaster in Nigeria, I love technology! As a result, and to earnestly contribute to tech awareness within individuals, I find the need to give digital-based insight of the technology world today, hence, making individuals well tech rounded and get the need to acquire technical skills.

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